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Professional transformation activity

Professional transformation activity Trays and packaging for industrial handling Automotive trays Trays and blisters for cosmetics Self-supporting and stackable trays Trays for robotic handling Trays for electroplating and chrome plating Trays for taps

From the planning
to the final product

Gnali Thermoforming Srl has been operating in the thermoplastic molding sector since 1993, boasting a long and consolidated experience in the sector and today is a constantly growing reality. Our company offers wide support to the customer for the creation of trays and thermoformed, recommending the best technical solutions to be adopted, thanks to thirty years of experience and with the help of the internal laboratory design studio. Our production is equipped with a rich fleet of machines that includes 10 thermoforming machines for packaging molding with coil and plate material and 2 high frequency electrowelding machines that allow you to pack any kind of item required. We can supply the finished and packed product satisfying any request of our customers.

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We create a solution
for all your needs

Thanks to our many years of experience and with the help of the design studio of our internal laboratory, we offer extensive support to the customer for the creation of thermoformed trays and packaging and the necessary plastic parts, advising the best technical solutions to be adopted.


Industrial technical
supports and trays

Our production includes trays for internal transport that can be moved using new robotic industrial automation technologies and that can be placed and stacked on standard plastic boxes, transport units, pallets, baskets etc.

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Packaging and large-scale distribution

Customized production of bi-valves and cases with single or multiple opening, with transparent or colored materials. These thermoformed elements can be made with customized sizes and shapes, for example to be hung in the store, or they can be made with support feet.

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